From Deployment to Production: Your DLT Journey with R3’s Professional Services

Those that believe they know how to successfully leverage the full benefits of Corda – or any blockchain or DLT platform – based solely on  the solution or platform itself, should think again. It comes as no surprise the first step is about choosing the right blockchain system,  however those looking to truly maximize the business benefits from a DLT implementation, will also need access to world-class technical expertise and industry experience.

This is  where R3 prides itself – in the form of its expert  Professional Services team. The world’s leading software firms, government institutions and companies across many industries have already discovered

that working with our Professional Services team can dramatically accelerate their evaluation and deployment of enterprise-grade DLT networks and applications. Those that look at harnessing R3’s Professional Services today can do the same – with equally successful outcomes.

A comprehensive suite of services

R3 has always placed customer needs first, building our flagship platform Corda ‘bottom-up’ in response to the struggles banks were facing in 2014 upon R3’s inception for example. Similarly, following suit, the creation of our Professional Services team back in 2015 became a top priority as a means to deliver the very best  such outcomes to our customers. At R3, we know from first-hand experience that developing, deploying and maintaining distributed ledger systems can be hard. We therefore committed to making the end-to-end production journey as easy as possible. This meant setting up a hand-picked team of specialists to provide a comprehensive suite of advisory and engineering services for customers looking to implement CorDapps on the Corda platform.

In the years since, our Professional Services team has grown and evolved into what we believe is the leading repository of DLT expertise anywhere in the world, bar none. Today the team brings together more than 50 solution engineers, delivery professionals and industry subject matter experts, readily available to help everyone seeking innovative distributed platform solutions, and staying close every step of the way. The result? Being able to focus on what matters: deploying high-value blockchain applications to transform and optimize  operations and industry – enabling the realization of unique business visions.

Three key pillars…

In terms of clients, our Professional Services team works with customers ranging from financial institutions to ISVs, and from corporates to regulatory companies. But whoever we’re working with, our ultimate goal remains the same: to bring them business value as quickly as possible – by expediting their progress from deployment to go-live on Corda.

How do we deliver this? The answer is by focusing everything we do around three key pillars. First, design. We know that if we get the design right from the get-go, we can avoid problems down the line and any need for general refactoring. To achieve this, we have a great group of highly-skilled architects who go in and work closely with the customer, get a detailed understanding of the business requirements, and then translate that into technical design.

The second pillar is adopt. We always look to identify how best to help our customers adopt our software – and then ultimately their own end-customers can learn how to adopt it too. We do this by embedding some of our Corda developers into our customers’ teams, meaning we can help accelerate the CorDapp build effort and bring their solution to life as fast as possible.

The third and final pillar is grow. This is the critical phase where the rubber really hits the road, and it centres around how we can make the go-live as successful as possible. Once that has been achieved and we have guided the customer into production, our role evolves to helping them to grow their network, optimise their Corda blueprints, and make sure they’re set up for success going forward.

…and three non-functional priorities

As well as focusing on the three pillars to guide the customer along the journey, our Professional Services team also keeps a close watch on three non-functional priorities. The first – not surprisingly – is security and privacy. Our architects do everything possible to design the best and most secure enterprise systems, thus ensuring our solutions are robust and futureproof for customers.

The second priority is disaster recovery and high availability. We know it’s mission-critical to have the Corda systems and applications running at all times, and able to support business-as-usual for customers in any eventuality.

The first two non-functional priorities tie into the third: production readiness. Our team’s unwavering aim throughout every engagement is to implement Corda in the way that best suits the customer’s business needs – so they feel confident that they’re ready to go into production and continue their journey successfully into the future.

Your success is our success

Through this consistent approach, our Professional Services team has built up a proven track record in helping clients maximize the success of their blockchain solutions and minimize the time to value.

For example, customers have benefitted from our QuickStart Service for fast discovery, platform evaluation and solution design; brought in R3 engineers to augment existing teams; and leveraged the R3 ecosystem to execute multi-institution, global go-to-market trials to promote and test applications.  Additionally, when it comes to delivery, you can rely on R3’s best practices to de-risk production deployment, accelerate go-live, enable smooth upgrades and tap into enterprise software support.

The message? Our Professional Services team is the living embodiment of our mantra that your success is our success – and shows we’ll always go the extra mile in bringing it about. So, whether you’re at the initial design phase for your business’s DLT-enabled future or moving into production, take a look at how R3 Professional Services can help accelerate your journey. We think you’ll be glad you did.

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