Enterprise Blockchain Managed Services: “Bring R3 your CorDapp and We’ll Run it For You”

CordaCon 2020 was the hub of many exciting new announcements, including that of our newest initiative, Corda Managed Services, a cloud delivered solution for business network operators, consortia and CorDapp developers using Corda Enterprise.

Corda Managed Services will be available in the first quarter of 2021 for early adopters who will have access to a limited preview of the Corda Enterprise Managed Node service.

Why Corda Managed Services?

Today, Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) are faced with challenges in taking DLT based applications to market. Their goal is to connect as many people as possible to their application, but they are often at the sharp end of enterprise customers’ own challenges in hosting DLT infrastructure.

Typically, ISVs have responded by creating a node hosting capability and are then faced with all the associated operational costs and the complexities of meeting end-user compliance requirements.

Although operating and supporting nodes allows ISVs to own the whole software stack, which can provide a significant competitive advantage, investing capital and energy into building that capability dilutes the ISV from their primary focus: building and commercialising their application.

How Corda Managed Services can help

In the CordaCon presentation, “Bring your CorDapp and We’ll Run it For You,” Richard Wainwright, Corda Managed Services lead at R3, outlined how the new service will simplify the deployment of blockchain infrastructure and deliver faster time-to-value.

Our goal is to ease and reduce time to production for CorDapps and make Corda Enterprise accessible to any business, regardless of your size and expertise. By using Corda Managed Services to operate Corda Infrastructure, you are able to laser focus your resources on developing your app and winning customers.

For example, with managed node services, operational barriers are removed, and time, energy and capital spent operating the underlying infrastructure of Corda are saved. You can simply bring R3 your CorDapp, and we’ll run it for you.

Corda Managed Services is designed to be enterprise ready, providing 24/7 support and defined service-level agreements. It is built using dedicated private node instances to assure security and performance.

Built on public cloud infrastructure, Corda Managed Services provides cost efficiency and simple scalability. This allows you to re-allocate capex to accelerate your growth.

Our pay-as-you-grow pricing models provide a consistent cost base that you can leverage predictably to create pricing models for your customers.

You are put in control of your Corda infrastructure. Corda Managed Services will offer a self-service portal, which provides:
• API and portal provisioning services to deploy Corda Enterprise nodes
• Node management tooling and monitoring
• CorDapp deployment and release management
• Corda Network access and onboarding.

Corda Managed Services are connected, as nodes can be directly integrated into the Corda Network—run by R3 on behalf of the Corda Foundation—or any consortium that you have built.

Available as a suite of capabilities, ISV’s can access one or more of our core services (as detailed below) – all provided under one commercial and legal agreement.

In the future, the offering will evolve to provide more advanced managed services, such as off-ledger hosting, named service management and private network support to meet additional operational and technical needs. As a customer you will continue to benefit from our extensive professional services offerings to support your growth.

Private preview

Currently the managed service for Corda Enterprise is in private preview with customers, ahead of general availability.