Enabling the Journey to Responsible AI

At CordaCon 2020, FICO’s Scott Zoldi led a session discussing developments in “responsible AI” – an area where Corda is a key enabler.

Setting the scene, Scott explained why there’s now so much of a focus on making AI responsible. “Responsibility is a topic that’s becoming more and more important as companies grapple with their most pressing challenges,” he said. “And it’s become even more important as we go through the current pandemic and try to understand how models work and change in uncertain times. The concept also has ramifications from a legal and regulatory perspective. And it’s one that it’s very important for anyone looking at AI models to think through, as we seek to develop them in a responsible, ethical and safe way.”

“We are focusing on taking the requirements of efficient AI and persisting it to the blockchain, so we have a permanent, immutable record of what occurred.” – Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytic Officer, FICO

Scott went on to highlight the pivotal role that blockchain can play in pinpointing and correcting responsibility-related issues with AI models. “After a model has been developed, we have this blockchain that is permanently attached to it, and we can go back and understand all the atomic decisions that were made and how the model was developed,” he said. “This is important: if we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s been that the world can change in ways that we can’t necessarily predict. So, like a car, a model may break down – but by understanding all the details that persist in the blockchain, we can it get back on the road again.”

He concluded: “I hope I’ve illustrated for you how critically important the concepts of responsibility in AI are. And also how important it is to leverage technology like blockchain to ensure we have these immutable chains of systems of record, that can be used to enforce and ensure responsibility is applied by organizations – and that we are protecting our consumers and customers appropriately.”

If you’d like to hear more about the progress being made towards responsible AI and how Corda is supporting it, click here to view Scott Zoldi’s presentation in full.

FICO’s Scott Zoldi presenting at CordaCon 2020.