Creating Marketplaces for Digital Assets with Nasdaq

By: The R3 Team

One of the many highlights of CordaCon 2020 was a discussion led by Nasdaq’s Johan Toll on creating markets for digital assets.

In a wide-ranging presentation, Johan walked the attendees through Nasdaq’s view on current trends – including growing use of DLT – and how these are impacting the digitalization of marketplaces across the globe in different industries. He also described how Nasdaq is looking to provide its clients with enhanced services to support the creation of marketplaces for new types of financial assets. And he went on to show a demo of the solution Nasdaq is offering to support the creation of digital marketplaces around the globe.

In terms of trends in digital asset marketplaces, Johan said we can now see the future taking shape. “There’s a healthy, functional fusion between what we see coming in with new trends from the cryptocurrency landscape, from open source, from retail, etc, that is becoming nicely fused and blended with the traditional capital markets experience,” he explained. “For example, institutional traders are coming on board to see how they can meet the demands of the retail business with cryptocurrency trading opportunities. We can also see a healthy debate going on between established and new types of payment system.”

“The need is now here to provide institutional-grade infrastructure to cater for the growth of the various ecosystems being created. So, it’s very much a fusion of existing and new structures that will help us create new types of assets.” – Johan Toll, Vice President – Head of Digital Assets, Nasdaq

Where is all this heading? “The ecosystems are maturing to provide for the creation of more and more digital asset-based marketplaces,” said Johan. “Certainly this intersection brings more and more credibility to the players, and the importance of having open platforms to work and collaborate with different partners is coming into play.”

To learn more, click here to view Johan Toll’s presentation in full.