Blockchain Built for Business: Real-world Ready — Corda Enterprise 4 is here

Blockchain that’s real world ready: Corda Enterprise 4 is here

Corda Enterprise customers highlight platform’s scalability, privacy and security

As blockchain applications for business move from labs to production, businesses are expecting more from their chosen blockchain platform, especially across aspects of performance, security, and ease of deployment and integration to existing enterprise systems.

Last autumn, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) demonstrated how Corda Enterprise (version 3) was ready for real-world work. Their study with Accenture showed Corda Enterprise was “capable of supporting average daily trading volumes in the US equity market of more than 100 million trades per day.”

Today, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Corda Enterprise 4, the latest commercial distribution of the open source Corda platform. The bar for performance, reliability and functionality was set high by the DTCC — but the latest version sees up to double the transaction through-put of version 3. New features also ease node deployment and deliver enhanced security with Hardware Security Module (HSM) support.

Here is a reminder of why businesses are choosing the Corda platform today:

Jesse Chenard, CEO of Monetago:

Performance in Production

R3 has been in a unique position to optimize transaction performance and security based on real-world use cases, drawing upon the work of the most advanced business blockchain ecosystems in the industry.

Don’t just take our word for it — Corda Enterprise 4 ships with a performance test suite, allowing customers to optimize performance on their specific infrastructure. Customers are seeing these enhancements in action.

Grant Jones, VP Fusion LenderComm at Finastra highlights how enterprise features of the platform play out in production environments:

Enterprise Grade Security

HSMs are a standard and critical component for many enterprise deployments. Corda Enterprise 4 ships with signing key in HSM support for well-known HSMs, including Azure Key Vault, Gemalto Luna and Utimaco.

Responding to these enhancements, Marc Mercuri, Product PM Lead, Microsoft Azure Blockchain said:

Reducing Complexity for Production Deployments

As businesses scale up their use of blockchain technologies, the operational complexity and cost of deploying multiple nodes and identities can be seen as a barrier to getting up and running. With Corda Enterprise 4 we have addressed this. Users can host multiple nodes behind our unique Blockchain Application Firewall to massively reduce the overhead of operating a complex multi-identity environment and increase security for end users. High Availability and deployment improvements further simplify and speed-up the setup and management of Corda nodes and networks.

For full details, see our release notes.

Rob Barnes, CEO of TradeIX puts some of this in context:

And don’t forget, Corda Enterprise leverages all of the capabilities and features of Corda open source added in Corda 4.

Markus Tradt, CTO, B3i, the blockchain insurance industry initiative reiterates the benefit of this:

Powering Solutions in Multiple Industries

Our clients and partners are applying the power of Corda to more and more industries and scenarios. The foundational design, which considered the highly complex transactions and regulatory environment around financial services, is proving to be a great fit in insurance, digital assets, client on-boarding, trade finance and across supply chains. And as more client success stories emerge, other industry verticals are taking notice, including Healthcare, Commodities, Telecoms, GovTech, and Aviation, to name but a few.

For more information about how you can download the trial of Corda Enterprise 4 for your blockchain application development, testing and production deployment, visit

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